Saturday, August 18, 2007

Echolaliac Pearls of Wisdom: Episodes 2 & 3

Note: See “Echolaliac Pearls of Wisdom: Episode 1” if you need a definition of echolalia as it relates to persons on the autistic spectrum.

Pearl 2: We just returned from a glorious vacation. When we were on the plane and it was making the descent for the landing, The Prince started saying over and over, “it’s gonna be a rough one! It’s gonna be a rough one!” Then he looks over at me and says, “How you doing Honey?” to which I respond according to the “script” “Do I have to answer?” Then he reverts to “It’s gonna be a rough one!”

An older, cranky lady in front of us turned around and glared at me, then said “shut him up.” I glared back and said, “We’ll be on the ground soon.” At least no flight attendants suggested we “drug” The Prince to keep him quiet, as happened to one poor woman whose toddler said, “Bye Bye Plane” over and over, as reported recently in the news.

Source: Pixar’s move, “The Incredibles.” The “Incredible” family has just commandeered a plane cum mini-van from the evil Syndrome and is about to crash land. Mrs. Incredible aka Elastagirl is holding it all together with her superpowers and the “How you doing Honey” dialogue is between her and her husband, Mr. Incredible.

Pearl 3: The Prince enjoys computer games immensely. He was recently creating cool cars from the website movie “Cars” and printing them off our computer. He gleefully murmured, “it’s like printing my own money!”

Source: Pixar’s “Toy Story 2.” Big Al says this after he discovers that Woody is a collector’s item to complete the “set” of Woody’s Roundup toys and can be sold for a nice sum to a museum.
(Pearl photo courtesy PBS, Nova)


OneSick said...

Ha! I remember that line!

I particularly remember it's first echolalic application in my hearing.

I was with the kids in the supermarket and my DD was in one of those carts which is shaped like a truck. She stuck her head out of the window of the "truck" and shouted at the nearest person (a, built, enormous, middle-aged, red-faced, blond firefighter type man in a red shirt). How'ya doin, Honey?

The man and I were both rather taken aback. he looked at me, for some sork of explanation, and I looked horrified.

The another little voice came from behind me (DS) "Do I have to answer?

And the penny dropped. It was "The Incredibles". And come to think about it, the built, blond man in the red shirt *did* look a little like Mr Incredible. To a 4yo...

-Once Sick Mother

GFCF Mommy said...

Your story is hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing it. Having stereo echoers adds a whole new element of humor!

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M. Christensen said...

I love it!! My son doesn't talk really yet but he sure does like these movies! I love the pearls of wisdom and will continue to read them! Thanks