Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pizza Fusion: GFCF Pizza!

For my fellow South Floridians, I just discovered from a helpful reader that you can enjoy GFCF pizza in a restaurant setting right here in Broward County!

Pizza Fusion offers fresh, organic, and earth-friendly pizza for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and they cater too! This is a local franchise with restaurants in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens, and Deerfield Beach, though they also have plans for a new Pembroke Pines location, and others too. (If you do not live in Florida, on the website under "locations", you can see if they have made it to your state yet! If not, hopefully they will soon!)

We ate at the Weston location. You walk up to order, or you can order online in advance or for take out (of course you can call too!). Most of the menu is standard pizza-fare (i.e. gluten) but home-made with fresh and organic ingredients. They have a nice selection of Panini and salads. But for our purposes, and the reason for our visit, was to try the GFCF pizza.

The crust is made from a blend of garbanzo bean, fava bean, and rice flour. They use a dedicated preparation area, utensils, and pizza stones. All their toppings are GFCF except for the BBQ sauce and sausage and they have “Follow Your Heart” soy cheese available. We got a basic tomato sauce and soy cheese pizza for the Prince who inhaled it. They are obviously trying to reach-out to the Celiac, GFCF, and Vegan communities.

The atmosphere is your basic, bare bones pizza place, with kind of Seattle-feel to it, which is great for those of us with active kids. One nice feature is a graffiti wall. Instead of giving the kids crayons and a placement to color, they give them a marker and let them go to town on the wall. I assume they periodically white-wash the wall, but the Prince, little artist that he is, loved having the freedom to color on the walls. Where do get to do that!

The beverages are a variety of Boylan’s sodas, Green Teas, Vitamin water, Sol Mate and “Naked” Juice. No Coke or Pepsi here. The Prince took a walk on the wild side with Pomegranate Juice (new to him!) and liked it! The Professor and I splurged for organic “Stellar Live-a-Little” Red Wine, a light and fruity little vintage. Organic beers, including GF Redbridge and New Grist, are also available.

There is a small dessert list including Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (if you can have dairy) and for us GFCF types, Vegan brownies that were pretty yummy!

They also offer free kids’ organic cooking classes on select weekends and will accommodate little GFCF’ers.

The service was friendly, the atmosphere, though simple, appealed to us as being kid-friendly and “indestructible.” The service was a little bit slow, but we were there on a Friday night, and the Prince was entertained by the graffiti wall so it was not a problem. For those of us with impatient ASD kids, I would probably order in advance next time. It is slightly on the pricey-side, organic food doesn’t come cheap these days, but we felt it was worth it just to have a safe, calm, GFCF-friendly and nutritious meal out with the Prince. A good time and a good meal was had by all!

Check them out.
(Photo courtesy of Pizza Fusion).

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