Friday, September 25, 2009

Echolaliac Pearls of Wisdom: Episode 9, Madagascar

Note: See “Echolaliac Pearls of Wisdom: Episode 1” if you need a definition of echolalia as it relates to persons on the autistic spectrum.

For some reason, delayed echolalia has returned to our lives, which isn't all bad since it provides some much-needed comic moments to our day!

Last night we had "breakfast for dinner," which I do maybe 2 times a month because, well, it's easy and The Prince also seems to get a kick out of it. On the menu, scrambled eggs for The Prince and an omelet with a salmon and chive filling for the Professor and me. Salads all around. We also splurged for a ready-made baguette from the company Everybody Eats, which was expensive, but quite delicious (GF but not CF). But, I digress...

Anyway, The Professor took a bite of the omelet and said, "another good dinner, delicious salmon."

To which The Prince replied, "the kitty loves the fishy," in perfect imitation of Skipper, one of the Penguins of Madagascar.

Source: The Prince's latest obsession, the movie Madagascar. As you may know, Alex the lion, formerly from the New York Zoo, ends up in Madagascar and discovers his inner savage lion heart. But he does not want to hurt his friends, by, um, eating them. The Penguins of Madagascar, in an attempt to curb Alex's meat cravings, give him sushi.

(Pearl photo courtesy of PBS Nova)

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GFCF Mommy Octopus said...

I just want to take a moment and thank you for sharing your life, your experiences and wisdom with the rest of us. I know life can get hectic and overwhelming sometimes, and yet you manage to come back and post something sweet and cute to make us smile. Thank you for everything you do.
Hope you're feeling fine.