Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GFCF Diet Rule Number One: NO CHEATING!

I was reminded recently that the first rule of being on a gluten-free, casein-free diet, or any other diet required for allergies or other health reasons, is don’t cheat.   I am suffering terrible “Mommy Guilt” as a result and wanted to share our experience as a cautionary tale.

 The Prince has not had a gluten infraction in years; neither has the Professor, or myself.  We all have varying degrees of gluten-sensitivity and Celiac Disease runs in my family as well as the Professor’s, so we are cautious. I write this blog, for heaven’s sake!  I know better!

But while on vacation, skiing in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado, in an effort to grab a quick lunch in order to spend more time on the mountain, we ate at a fast food place on the mountain, designed to feed hungry skiers en masse.  I ordered a hamburger, no bun, and fries for the Prince.  I forgot to ask if there was a dedicated fryer or if the fries were coated in flour.  We went back to skiing and had a fun afternoon.

That night was not fun, however.  The Prince woke us up crying because he had terrible diarrhea. It was only then that I realized my mistake.  My poor little guy was really suffering and it was all my fault.  The Prince usually does not have problems with cross-contamination, but I believe that was the case this time.

Although he felt better the next day, The Prince was afraid to eat anything unless I cooked it. I indulged him in this for a day, but decided we needed help calm his fears.  I told him it was my fault for not asking the cook about how the food was prepared.  So we made a reservation at one of the pricier slope side restaurants and I asked the chef to come to the table.  He was very accommodating and made a big deal over Eric, made him feel special, and that really made the Prince feel safer.

However, due to my mistake, the Prince is still having some tummy troubles, even a few weeks later.

So I am repeating this, as a public service to all GFCF moms and dads, DON’T CHEAT, EVER! 



GFCF Mommy said...
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GFCF Mommy said...

We use digestive enzymes too, but in this case, they were not enough. Oh well, lesson learned

Anonymous said...

We have learned this lesson the hard way too. I carry digestive enzymes in my purse now for the once or twice a year that we are unprepared and must get something to eat and are not certain of any contamination issues.

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