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Saturday, August 4, 2007

GFCF on the Road

Currently we are on vacation in a remote and gorgeous region of the Colorado Rockies. This is our 3rd year traveling on the GFCF diet and I have learned a few things.

We can only come here due the gracious generosity of family who have a home here, and the frequent flyer miles we rack up on the credit card charging the Prince’s therapy fees! But it is worth it, we all love it here, the Prince included.

This is our 3rd year coming here as GFCF’ers. We finally hit our stride this summer, in terms of convenience and cost. So I thought I’d share our experiences. Your travel experiences and the solutions to maintaining the GFCF diet on vacation may vary due to your locale and vacation spot. Since were are in a remote, small, rural area, I think our experience will help give you some ideas.

Here are some things I have done in the past. These are options that may or may not work for you. I’ll explain the pros and cons as I go along:

Buy GFCF items at home, pack in a suitcase, and carry on or check at the airport:
In pre-9/11 days, this was ok, but now it is a pain in GFCF Mommy's you know where! Also, you pretty much have to stick to dry goods and it is wise, if you do this, to put each item in zip-lock bags too. This is not a really good option anymore if you are flying. But if you are driving, it may work out ok and be easy, since you know what your family likes and can bring it with you. You could also bring a cooler for your dairy-substitute items.

Mail order in advance to have delivered at your final destination:
I tried this too and our problem was our destination was so remote that the driver got lost, gave up and our packages ended up at the post office in a neighboring town. We discovered this only as we were about to leave to go home. But, if you are traveling to a regular, well-populated, urban area, this is also an easy, though not cheap option. Just go to the online GFCF provider of your choice and shop away. Do it about a week or two before you leave and you should be fine. If you are traveling to visit family and can give the address of a family member at your destination, so much the better.

Research, call ahead and determine the health food stores and organic options in advance:
In the end, in the area where were we vacation, we found the local health food store more than happy to order items for us, for no added cost. They did have many items already stocked, but the more exotic GF items, they could order in advance. Then, you travel light, show up at their store and they are thrilled to see you, their new grateful, statisfied customers! Also, these stores are a good information source for farmer’s markets, which make you long for the simpler life. Today, I purchased about 6 different kinds of perfect, luscious, fruits and vegetables for less than $4 and I know they would have cost me $25 or more at my local big-city health food chain market.

As for restaurants and eating out while on the road, I’ll do a separate post about that soon. In the meantime, there is a great website that lists national chains that offer GFCF menu items. See the Glutenfree Restaurant List for GFCF resources. You can put in a zip code and get a lists of restaurants that are GF there.

We are having a ball on our vacation. We discovered an Adaptive Sports Center that offers recreational activities for those with disabilities and their families. It has been a godsend for us “out-doorsy" types.

(Photo note: The Prince and the Husband on the hiking trail. Ahhh, vacation!)